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    Question: A friend of mine asked what is the ruling on celebrating a ‘ Bismillah’ the beginning of Quran reading for a young child or ‘Ameen’ the completion of the entire Quran.

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    Question: Question: What’s the ruling on photographs? Can these be printed and kept in our house like a photo album of
    any special event? I do not intend to hang it [for] displaying but just [to] have a printed album.

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    Question: There are many products in the food market that have vanilla extract listed as an ingredient. Vanilla
    extract, as is known, almost always contains alcohol. What would be the ruling on eating products with vanilla
    extract, or vanilla derivatives (eg: bourbon vanilla, vanillin, etc...)?
    A similar problem of alcohol residue is found in confectionery glaze. Can you also please comment on this?

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    What are the rulings of one man leading a woman or group of women in congregation without the
    presence of another man in the same congregation? More specifically:
    1. One man leading a group of nonmahram women.
    2. One man leading a group of mahram women.
    3. One man leading one mahram woman.

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