• Ruling on celebrating “Bismillah” or “Ameen” for begining or completion of the entire Quran

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    Question: A friend of mine asked what is the ruling on celebrating a ‘ Bismillah’ the beginning of Quran reading for a young child or ‘Ameen’ Celebrating the first complete reading of the Quran by your child, if it is done to encourage them and to avoid birthdays.  Another friend of ours heard the idea of

    ‘ Salahberation” which is a party for a child turning seven to show that now he or she is old enough to start praying 5 times a day. Would all of these fall under bid’ah even if these parties are done with intention of encouragement and getting the child excited about the Quran and salah while having friends over and to enjoy a good time with positive activities like short quiz like game or oarcelbfame with Islamic questions.


    In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

    Having a “Bismillah” “Ameen” or a “Salahberation” with the intention of encouragement is permissible with the following conditions. But before elaborating it is best to consider the following:

    It’s better to take the child to a pious elder and have him begin/finish with them. And in terms of feeding others, it’s better if the poor are fed and some close people instead or something is given fi sabilillah (in the path of Allah) to add barakah to this milestone.

    There should be no takallufaat (booking hall, isrsf, etc.) or Riya’ in this sort of thing. Otherwise, it’s giving the wrong message and is asking for others to put Nazar.

    The condition for permissibility are as follows:

    To not make it an obligation or a sunnah to celebrate such occasions. It should be with the sole intention of encouragement.

    There should be no cultural customs involved in the gathering.

    We have been ordered in the Quran to follow the example of our Prophet صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ and not to stray from it.

    لَّقَدْ كَانَ لَكُمْ فِي رَسُولِ اللَّـهِ أُسْوَةٌحَسَنَةٌلِّمَن كَانَ يَرْجُو اللَّـهَ وَالْيَوْمَ الْآخِر ﴿الأحزاب: ٢١﴾

    Indeed there is in the Messenger of Allah Ta’ala a beautiful example for the one who hopes in Allah Ta’ala and the Final Day

    To not have anything which goes against shariah. Such as music, intermingling between men and women, Israaf (extravagant spending) etc.

    وَلَا تُسْرِفُوا إِنَّهُ لَا يُحِبُّ الْمُسْرِفِينَ

    and do not be extravagant. Surely, Allah does not like the extravagant


    والله اعلم and Allah Ta’ala knows best.a’ala knows best.

    Disclaimer: Many of these answers are unique to a particular scenario and cannot be taken as a basis to establish a ruling in another situation or another environment. ICMC bears no responsibility with regards to these questions being used out of their intended context.

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