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    *Starting THIS WEEK (May 18), we will have only one Jummah at 1 PM. *
    Alhamdu Lillah, we received the permission to use the next door property for temporary parking (certain designated areas), and it will ease the parking issue we have for Jummah and Taraweeh. Please follow the parking signs and instructions from the volunteers. If you park at the neighboring parking lot, a walking ramp was installed to walk to the Masjid. Come before 12:45 for Jummah and before 9:45pm for Taraweeh, if you want to avoid parking in the neighboring parking lot.

    Based on ICGT policy, we will start the month of Ramadan after verified North American moon sighting. Therefore the first night of Taraweeh will be either Tuesday evening or Wed evening. *We will be starting Isha at 10 PM from Tuesday*, regardless of whether moon is sighted or not. 2.
    Based on verified actual moon sighting in North America, we will start the month either on Tuesday evening or on Wednesday evening with Taraweeh prayer. If ICGT confirms the new moon sighting before 11:30 pm on Tuesday, *Shk Mamdouh will conduct the taraweeh prayer @ ICMC.* If any decision is made after 11:30 pm, it will be communicated to the community via email, Masjid phone voice message and ICMC website. Please make sure to check when you getup for Suhoor to confirm, if it is Ramadan or not.
    ICMC activities committee has already placed a board at the entrance of the building to *sign up for hosting Iftar on Saturdays.* It is filling out fast. Please sign up to share the hosting of an Iftar for $200 a share. This would include the following activities: We will have food catered through different Halal restaurants and arrangements are made to setup and cleanup afterwards. We also have a no-cost-to-you baby sitting by our YM sisters from Iftar time to end of first 8 rakath on Saturdays.

    Br. Shuaib Ali will coordinate a daily 15 minute Halaqa session after Asr. Please attend with your family.