• Assalaamu ‘Alaykum!

    Alhamdulillaah, ICMC Masjid is open for Jumu’ah Salaah with prior sign-up online.

    You MUST sign up online before you come for Jumu’ah Salaah.

    The indoor spaces will be monitored to comply with all current NJ State regulations in place.

    Please use your judgment in deciding the safety of congregating per your situation.

    Adults over 65 years old and kids below 14 are recommended to pray at home for their safety.

    Please be reminded that the safety of others and ourselves and families is everyone’s responsibility, including you.

    We trust that everyone will self-regulate, comply, and follow the safety guidelines and other measures set forth.

    1. Door check-in and close times will be strictly enforced. Please arrive on time. Doors for the 1st Jumu’ah will open at 1.00 PM and will close at 1.20 PM.  Doors for the 2nd Jumu’ah will open at 2.00 PM and will close at 2.20 PM
    2. You MUST wear a MASK. If you are not wearing a mask at any time, you will not be allowed in.
    3. Gloves are recommended.
    4. Use the hand sanitizer available at the door entrance.
    5. DO NOT bring your own prayer mat. ICMC will have disposable prayer sheets.
    6. Come with WUDU. The bathrooms and wudu area are for EMERGENCY use only.
    7. DO NOT come if you show any symptoms of COVID-19.
    8. Bring your own copy or use your phone app of the Mushaf of the Noble Quran.
    9. You are requested to offer your Sunnah prayers at home.
    10. No meeting or congregating in groups inside the masjid.
    11. You take responsibility in informing us about your health in the case of any COVID-19 development, Allaah forbid. In such a case, contact us immediately at shura@icmcmasjid.org so that we can, as possible, inform the participants you have made contact with. We will take all precautions to protect your privacy. 

    Remember…On Arrival:

    1. Ensure you wear your mask
    2. Use the hand sanitizer available at the door entrance.
    3. Pick up a disposable prayer sheet/s.
    4. Please go directly to the prayer floor.
    5. Identify an open spot marked on the carpet per distancing guidelines.
    6. Spread your disposable prayer sheet and pray on the same spot.
    7. Please dispose of your prayer sheet after you are done.
    8. No meeting or congregating in groups inside the masjid.
    9. Avoid contact with any surfaces as much as possible.

    Jazaka’Allah Khairan for your cooperation and understanding!

    May Allaah accept all your deeds and reward you for following the rules by granting you Jannatul Firdaws without accountability on the Day of Judgment.

    Please note, starting Apr 16th Women spots have been added to the first floor.

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