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Islamic Circle of Mercer County (ICMC), a non-profit corporation incorporated in the State of New Jersey is a religious, charitable and social organization.

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Who we are

ICMC was established in 1999 A.D/1420 A.H. The current property and building were acquired and first time congregational (Maghreb) prayer was conducted in October 2000 /Rajab 1421 A.H. Currently the mosque is open for daily prayers five times a day including Friday prayer.


Islamic Circle of Mercer County is committed to providing Islamic services to the Muslims in Lawrenceville and neighboring areas. The circle has been playing a vital role in the development of Islamic community. Currently, the mosque offers various religious and community services to the Muslims. The fundamental objective of the ICMC is to seek Glory to Allah (SWT). The Quran, Sunnah, and the Sharia shall always be the guiding light for the circle.

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Prayer Timings

July 24, 2024
  Adhan Iqamah
Fajar 04:19 AM 04:45 AM
Sunrise 05:48 AM
Duhar 01:06 PM 01:15 PM
Asr 06:11 PM 06:30 PM
Maghrib 08:22 PM After 10 mins
Isha 09:53 PM 10:05 PM
July 24, 2024
  Khutba Iqamah
Khateeb One 01:15 PM 01:35 PM
Khateeb two 02:30 PM 02:45 PM
Khateeb Three
July 24, 2024
Tarweeh After Isha
Eid-ul-Fitr TBD
Eid-ul-Adha TBD

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Our Services

Brothers Club

ICMC presents brothers club where we have many events occurring over the month for the brothers of our society. We also have a newsletters campaign.

Sister's Halaqa

ICMC presents sisters halaqa where we have many events occurring over the month for the sisters of our society which is divided into two categories.

Fatwa Service

Ask our Imam, Mufti Sulaiman Yusufi, and other local scholars questions related to Islam. You can also search for previous answers on various topics.

Special Need

ICMC provides special need services where we believe that the masjid is a place that must be welcoming to people of all needs.

Da'wah Tableegh

ICMC has events of dawah tableegh of our masjid sathis. The details of the events will be updated here which include jawla and monthly khurooj.


And be steadfast in prayer; practise regular charity; and bow down your heads with those who bow down (in worship).

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