Special Need

We at ICMC believe that the masjid is a place that must be welcoming to people of all needs. We are committed to bringing awareness to our community members while also catering to the needs of our special needs members and their families.

Below are the services that we currently offer:

  • Special needs classroom – We have a special class for our students with special needs where we attend to each child’s specific needs. We move at the pace of each individual child and provide one-on-one support within our classroom by trained teachers and TAs!
  • Braille Qurans – We have English Braille Qurans available to the public at our Masjid (it consists of 10 volumes and can be found in the second floor musallah)
  • Help Request Form – We have a community help form (which can also be used for help with the elderly or other needs). This is available to be filled out at any time! Simply let us know what type of help you need and how we can best serve you and we will get you in touch with a volunteer as soon as possible! Please share the form with anyone you may know who can benefit! Fill out the form here
  • Community Awareness – Community khutbahs on the topic of disability and awareness materials for the community!

In order for us to continue providing these services, we need to know how we can best serve you! If you or a loved one have special needs, please fill out our special needs assessment survey so that we may understand how to best serve you and what tools and services you need! Needs Assessment Survey

If you have any questions related to our services or programs, please contact us by emailing us at:

To volunteer to serve individuals in our community: Sign up here!

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