Weekend Islamic School

The goal of the ICMC Weekend Islamic School is to provide an excellent Islamic environment for Muslim children to grow, to learn Islamic values and to develop life-long friendships with their Muslim peers. The school plans to offer classes on Islamic Studies, Quranic Studies, and Arabic. We also have a special Muhsen curriculum for our special needs students. To learn more about the Muhsen class, please visit our Special Needs Services page

Registration for 2023-24 is now open.

Please Note: The classes for the year 2023 – 24 will be in person.


  • Registration is for the full academic year (September to May), tuition is due and payable in full upon registration. If the full tuition cannot be paid, a minimum of $200 is required to be paid at the time of registration; then the remaining balance would be due at the latest by August 29, 2023, in order to avoid your child(ren) from being dropped from classes.
  • All books assigned and distributed for classes are included in the fees.
  • Parents agree to have their child(ren) abide by any rules set forth by ICMC Weekend School administration and to have them follow the instructions of their teachers.
  • If your contact information or any information changes during the year, please notify the school office by email or in person immediately about the change.
  • Parents paying by installments can make the payments using the Registration form online.
  • Please read Rules and Regulations here

Register Online
If you are having problems with online registration, please email icmcws@gmail.com

Tuition details:
$100 deposit is required at this time to confirm the admission, fee details will be updated.