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Can we Muslims celebrate Thanksgiving?

Answer: Celebrating Thanksgiving, in the sense of gathering with family and/or friends, is permissible for Muslim Americans while being cognizant of other Islamic injunctions. Explanation: Thanksgiving as a day reserved for giving thanks is foreign to Islam. The Prophet ﷺ warned us from adopting the ways of non-Muslims: مَن تَشبَّهَ…

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Masḥ of Khuff

Question: I am wearing above ankle boots and wuḍū-socks. I made wuḍū before putting them on, and I left home. A prayer time came [while] my wuḍū was still valid. I removed my boots, while I still have my wuḍū-socks on, to pray in a masjid, and I prayed. After I prayed, I passed gas. I…

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